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I am Ingrid Thomas the founder and CEO of Mommy’s Heart Home Care. Ingrid worked as a child and youth worker for more than 11 years in shelters and group homes, where she cared for seniors and youths, who suffer from mental health illness, drug addiction, homelessness, developmental and cognitive delays, and physical disabilities. Ingrid has a long and extensive track record as a caregiver and support worker.

October 2021 Ingrid got a call to come back to Toronto because her mom Lucy was very ill and the situation was dire. When Ingrid arrived in Toronto the situation was worse than she expected. Care givers were doing the bare minimum and nurses never showed up the entire time Ingrid was In Toronto. There was no food in the home and due to Lucy’s dementia, she was unsure of when she had her last meal. Insects had made the furniture their home, feces were on the wall and weeks’ old dirty diapers were on the floor in a corner in Lucy’s room. You could literally taste the dirt in the air. Ingrid also spoke to neighbors and her mom’s building supervisor, who then informed her that her siblings no longer visit her mom, as if they left her for dead and that her mom would go to appointments dirty and smelling very bad. He proceeded to say that she has fainted in the hallway two separate times due to lack of strength due to not being fed. Ingrid knew that anything that could be done now would be a band aid fix, so she immediately called the Criss team in hope of a more permanent solution. A worker came in the following day to do an assessment of the situation, Ingrid was told that there was a long waiting list so it would be impossible to get Lucy into a group home/facility anytime soon. Ingrid was adamant to see her mom die with some form of dignity and respect at all costs, so she got on the phone and called every single place she felt could help her find a solution. Ingrid’s prayers were finally answered, when she finally spoke with the amazing nurse at Lucy’s doctor’s office, who was deeply touched by the situation. She stated that, “if anyone was ever in this situation, they would need an Ingrid in their corner.” Those words a woke Ingrid’s true calling. Lucy got admitted into Sunnybrook palliative care 4 days later and died peacefully with dignity and respect in her sleep 4 months later.

Ingrid’s passion and unwavering determination is the reason no family or client will ever experience what Lucy did under Ingrid’s care. There was zero accountability and compassion towards Lucy and that experience ignited a fire within Ingrid to make a difference and advocate for seniors, persons with disability or at end of life. Mommy’s Heart Home Care is without a doubt going to change the face of care giving.


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-Rachel Brown

Outbound client

“The attention to detail was outstanding, we felt our mom couldn’t have been in better hands.”


“It was a bit hard to deal with, the passing of my grandmother, but the support I felt helped me through this difficult situation”.


Outbound client

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